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When a national expert becomes your neighborhood neurologist.

Dr. Jill Farmer is a nationally recognized neurologist and movement disorder specialist. She is the former Director of the Movement Disorder programs at Capital Health in Hopewell, NJ, The Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia & Global Neuroscience Institute in Pennington, NJ. She completed her residency and fellowship at Georgetown University and medical school & masters through the University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ. During her decade in practice she has helped over 1500 patients with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. She has participated in multiple clinical trials and has published numerous articles and book chapters on Parkinson’s Disease. She has been invited faculty and presented at regional, national and international conferences on movement disorders. She works closely with industry partners as a Key Opinion Leader and consultant. Locally she has invested in collaborative relationships with other health care providers to develop a multidisciplinary team without walls. It has been a long time dream of Dr. Farmer to have her own practice and focus on patient education and wellness as well as the latest medical treatments and surgical interventions for her patients. Her goal is to provide the most comprehensive care. To achieve this she is in the process of completing a second fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine. This is a year long fellowship which brings medicine back to basics focusing on nutrition and exercise's impact on chronic disease management. The pillars of lifestyle medicine include plant-based nutrition, physical activity, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, restorative sleep, and social connections. These pillars are incorporated into her prescriptive treatment of neurodegenerative conditions. This passion inspired her and her husband to invest in their community and renovate office space THEMSELVES which is being tailored to become a hub dedicated to delivering world class care can be in a comfortable and compassionate environment. This is taking longer than expected despite best efforts, but when it is complete, BoroNeuro will be a destination for patient centric care, a meeting place for reflection and education with the singular purpose of empowering patients. Dr. Farmer loves her work is passionate about elevating the standard of care. This has lead her to the Direct Specialty Care model which removes the hurdles and restrictions of insurance. This model allows for better access to and availability with your specialist. This DOES NOT impact your ability to use your insurance for lab testing, studies, referrals and medication. If you are excited for a more direct and personal relationship with your doctor then Dr. Farmer can't wait to work with you and become part of your care team. _____________________________________________________ TRAINING • Medical School: University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ, School of Osteopathic Medicine • Residency & Fellowship: Georgetown University Neurology residency and Movement Disorder Fellowship • Additional Fellowship: The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, in process AWARDS • William Likoff Award of Clinical Excellence, Drexel College of Medicine • Patient Satisfaction Award, Global Neuroscience Institute • Health Care Hero Award, Capital Institute for Neuroscience RESEARCH & PUBLICATIONS • Peer Reviewed Journals: search Jill Farmer • Neurology Live: search Jill Farmer • Practical Neurology: search Jill Farmer INFLUENCE • Founder, Alliance for the Advancement of Neuroscience, Non profit organization dedicated to patient and professional education in Movement Disorders • Founder, Delaware Valley Regional Movement Disorder Program; a quarterly educational program bringing together the movement disorder teams of NJ,PA,DE • Co-Administrator, Women's Neurology Group; International group of female neurologists from residency to retirement now with over 4000 members • Editorial Board Member Practical Neurology & Neurology Live; national publications for professional education • Advisor for PMDAlliance (national), NJ/PA Parkinson's Foundation (regional), Cannabis Education Research Institute (national) • Two Term Past President, Philadelphia Neurological Society, oldest professional neurological society in the United States. _____________________________________________________ BENEFITS OF DIRECT SPECIALTY CARE A Direct Specialty Care Practice does not accept insurance for office visits. At the time of your visit you will pay the fee that is advertised by your doctor and then you will be able to submit an invoice to your insurance for potential reimbursement based on your coverage. Your insurance is still applied to all medications, lab tests, imaging studies and referrals that your doctor orders. • What does this mean for my patients? For example, for follow up patients who see me 3 times a year which is my average frequency, this will be an out of pocket expense ranging from $600-$750 SPREAD OUT OVER 12 MONTHS. All medications, referrals and testing are NOT IMPACTED and your usual copay applies. • Why do this? This will allow me more time and availability to patients in between visits as my patient panel will be smaller. When you have a question, you can reach out by phone or portal and I will be the one who answers. My practice will be smaller and more manageable without barriers to communication and care. • What can you expect from a visit? Expert level movement disorder care delivered with compassion and patience. At the end of all visits a written summary will be provided for your review including details of your treatment plan. This will be available via email/portal. CURRENT VISIT OPTIONS • New Patient Telemedicine Visit: 45-60minutes to allow opportunity to provide history, ask questions, develop collaborative treatment plan. Written plan of care/summary provided. Opportunity to connect after the visit when needed via phone/portal. • Follow Up Telemedicine Visit: 30minutes to allow opportunity to provide history, ask questions, develop collaborative treatment plan. Written plan of care/summary provided. Opportunity to connect after the visit when needed via phone/portal. • Home Visit: Patients may have a New Patient or Follow Up Visit in the comfort of their home. The base cost of the visit is based on whether it is a New or Follow-Up visit, and travel expense will be added based on distance from Hopewell Boro office: 0-10miles, no additional cost; 10.1-15miles $25.00 travel cost added; 15.1-20miles $50.00 travel cost added. Trigger point and toxin injections can also be completed via home visit with advanced notice. You will need to reach out to Dr. Farmer directly to schedule these visits given the need for travel time: • Second Opinion Virtual Consult: This is available to any patient and family in NJ, PA as well as other states. This is 45-60 minute extended conversation with and evaluation by Dr. Farmer which will involve medical record review provided by the patient prior to the visit, discussion of prior medical history and current concerns, and a detailed plan of care to be reviewed with their local primary care doctor and/or local neurologists. If patients are outside of NJ/PA Dr. Farmer will NOT be able to prescribe medications or refer to additional specialists but will instruct you how to discuss these options with your current primary care doctor and/or local neurologist. This visit option also includes a complimentary 6 month follow up check in visit to provide additional recommendations for any ongoing concerns. I hope you find a service that suits you and I look forward to being a part of your care!
Jill Farmer


Direct Specialty Care

  • Movement Disorders
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Lifestyle Medicine


  • Telemedicine
  • Local Home Visits
  • Dr. Farmer will not participate with ANY insurance.
  • An invoice is provided to submit for reimbursement.
  • A 20% discount will be applied to all medicare patients.


  • 45-60 min Telemedicine New Patient Visit: $500
  • 30 min Telemedicine Follow Up Patient Visit : $250
  • Local Home Visit (depending on time/travel): $200 - $550
  • Virtual Second Opinion (new patient + 6 month follow up): $500
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